We are pioneers in Mexico in technological innovation to create and operate smart buildings, through the use of: Intelligent management of buildings through the implementation of the app "Mayakaan 4.0" in the management and use of apartments by its owners, design and construction of smart buildings through the automation of the resort in a BMS (Building Management System), use of Constech techniques (construction technologies), use of CRM (Customer Relationship Management software) for the management of relations with owners of apartments and after-sales service, installation of intelligent public screens at the reception of the resort with user information on activities and entertainments, convention business center 4.0 and the use of the software DESBRAVADOR 4.5 as an innovative hotel reservation platform from WYNDHAM Hotels & Resorts.

And we also move towards the energy efficiency of our buildings through a relevant self-production of electricity in the resort, which together with the energy optimization of the resort through the installation of numerous sensors in equipment and movement control of users will allow an integral automation of Mayakaan Resort to act as a intelligent building system.