1. What is Mayakaan?

It is a real estate development of 300 tourist apartments on an extensive land of around hectares (the equivalent of 6 soccer pitches), located in the heart of the Riviera Maya between Cancun and Playa del Carmen, just at 15 minutes from Cancun airport.

It is surrounded by jungle and mangroves, and only 2 miles away from the beach and the coral reefs of the second largest coral reef in the world, after crossing it way through green and jungle forest paths.

  1. Who is the real estate developer of this ambitious vacation project?

Gredos Desarrollos Inmobiliarios, a Mexican-Spanish developer who has participated in the real estate development of large projects on housing, offices, shopping centers and hotels throughout the Mexican Republic since 2012.

  1. Who is Wyndham Hotels and Resorts??

Wyndham Hotels and Resorts is the largest hotel company in the world, with more than nine thousand hotels, and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

At Mayakaan Residences Riviera Maya, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts grants this hotel and real estate development the use of the Wyndham Grand® brand under a franchise agreement and the implementation of its hotel brand standards.

However, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts does not develop, build, market, or operate this project; therefore, it does not promise either expressly or tacitly that there will be any economic benefit to investor buyers.

  1. What amenities does the resort have?

There are two buildings for exclusive use for amenities, where you can enjoy: reception, reception bar, business center, wellness center and spa with hydromassage pool as well as a natural cenote for temperature changes, own private beach club, five theme restaurants, a number of signature bars, pool bars, waterfall bar, a sky bar on the roof top with an outdoor disco area, gym, a yoga area in the middle of the jungle, coffee shops, ballrooms for business congresses, a children's pool with a waterpark and adults´ pools, an amphitheater with an outdoor cinema, kids 'club, teenagers’ club, paddle court, tennis court, archery, baseball batting cage, a path through the and the mangrove, 300-m zip lines, dog park, chapel in jungle environment and natural lakes.

  1. Does the development have a beach club? And where is it located?

The resort has a beach club 10 minutes away from the resort by bicycle or train and will have a pool, a restaurant with entertainment for kids and childcare with our baby-sitters.

The trip to the beach club will be made entirely over jungle and mangrove in a highly green and natural environment, which will mark an unforgettable experience during your stay in Mayakaan.

  1. As the owner of my department, what will my benefits be as a real estate business? Am I really acquiring a product that generates high financial returns?

In the short term during construction you will be able to obtain an estimated capital gain of 10% per year as the real estate pre-sale process has recently begun.

During the holiday operation as a hotel, income will be paid for the occupancy of the hotel rooms of the rental pool, after discounting the hotel commission of the operator and operating expenses (electricity, maintenance, targets and list of rooms). The income and expenses account for beverages and food will be kept separately by the hotel operator. For the estimated rate and expected occupancy, a return on investment (ROI) of up to 10% on the total investment you made in the acquisition of your department is calculated.

In addition, as generating elements of high hotel occupations in the resort we have:

Business International Lounge; with three large event rooms for companies (with total capacity for up to 450 people, 150 + 150 + 100), five covered restaurants and bars in the best location.

Chapel for weddings overlooking a natural lagoon for ceremonies inside the resort, as well as a gasibo at the beach club.

  1. Mayakaan 4.0. What technologies will make Mayakaan have intelligent buildings?

At Mayakaan Resort, Riviera Maya we create intelligent buildings through technological innovation, through the implementation of:

    1. Intelligent administration of buildings through the implementation of the app “Mayakaan 4.0” in the management and use of the owner of the tourist apartment for: control of air conditioning and interior lighting, lighting and control of televisions, request for valet parking service, restaurant reservations, fitness status of the gym machines, information on available parking spaces and request for repairs.
    2. Design and construction of intelligent buildings, through the automation of the whole resort in a BMS (Building Management System). It is the building management system of Mayakaan Resort, Riviera Maya through the integral automation of its buildings and facilities, with which through an operating unit and remotely via internet view and operate the hydraulic system, electricity generation and consumption, hot water production and consumption, lighting systems, window curtains, fire detection and protection, CCTV cameras, system of air conditioning and elevators, which results in greater interior comfort and greater security in the facilities.
    3. Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6.0 with fiber optic internet connection with a minimum speed of 600 Mbps throughout the development, and IOT (Internet Of Things) as a set of sensors located in buildings connected to the network of BMS (Building Management System) automation without requiring human interaction.
    4. Smart buildings: Approach towards the energy efficiency of buildings through a relevant self-production of electrical energy in the resort by installing solar panels and wind generators, as well as the production of hot water with solar heaters, together with their energy optimization through the installation of numerous sensors in equipment and the control of user movements, which will allow the integral automation of Mayakaan Resort, Riviera Maya to act as a system of intelligent buildings.
    5. Use of Constech technologies, through the use of BIM (Building Information Management) in the architectural design and construction of building works, as well as intelligent construction through the use of prefabricated buildings.
    6. Artificial intelligence, and Data and Machine Learning: Use of CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) for the management of relations with the owners of tourist apartments, aimed at managing three basic areas: commercial management, marketing and mainly customer service after the sale of apartments.
    7. Use of the software DESBRAVADOR 4.5 as an innovative hotel reservation platform of WYNDHAM Hotels & Resorts.
    8. Smart public screens at the reception of the resort with information to the user about activities and entertainment.
    9. Convention center rooms 4.0 for congresses and corporate events with: Advanced voice and data systems, congress app and virtual reality.
    10. Use of Augmented Reality techniques in real estate and hotel marketing.
  1. Competitive advantages from A to Z in terms of EQUIPMENT of Mayakaan Resort, Riviera Maya over other developments?
    1. Fountains and waterfalls in the entrance to the resort combined with large Mayan sculptures.
    2. Cylindrical fish tank 40 ft high with tropical fish, inside the reception lobby.
    3. For rainy situations, the resort has service tunnels from the elevators of all the apartment towers to the amenities buildings, where the restaurants are located.
    4. Waterfall bar that is accessed after crossing the water curtain of a waterfall.
    5. Gardens with jungle environment and wooden bridges over natural lagoons.
    6. Jacuzzi on the terrace of each apartment, or swim-up pool in the ground floor apartments.
    7. Apartment fully furnished and with five-star hotel equipment, including: TVs, tables, curtains, microwaves, coffee makers, utensils, plates, glasses, casseroles and cutlery, iron, dryer as well as toilet paper, body cream and soap.
    8. Two elevators per apartment tower of 50 units to minimize your waiting times.
    9. BBQ area and infinity pool (sky pools) in the condominium roof garden of each apartment tower with views over the mangrove and the sea.
    10. Reverse osmosis treatment plant for underground water in order to have high quality water equivalent to bottled water.
    11. Rainwater collection system and its storage in natural lagoons to reduce the risk of flooding locally.
    12. Gray water reuse treatment plant for use in the cooling of air conditioning systems and the garden irrigation network in order to reduce the consumption of water taken directly from the aquifer.
    13. Emergency power plants, in the event of a cut in the external electricity supply, with which 100% of the consumption of the real estate and your department will operate and therefore without interruptions in the hotel operation.
    14. Integral system of hot water boilers, combined with solar heaters to minimize the consumption of gas.
    15. 24-hour video surveillance system through CCTV cameras connected to a monitoring unit.
    16. Air conditioning system by means of an ice water chiller system to reduce the electrical consumption of the resort and minimize maintenance and operating costs.
    17. The apartments will have their own interior air-conditioning Fan & Coil type evaporators to give comfort to the rooms, which will be integrated in the walls of the departments, therefore without leaving visible elements of air conditioning such as minisplit units, as observed in numerous developments of the competition.
    18. Relaxing music and peaceful nature sounds in paths and amenity buildings.
    19. One chute for bath towels per building.
    20. Fire protection system with sprinklers in each apartment.
    21. Windows with grade 5 anti-cyclonic protection, unlike real estate and hotel developments in the area that only have protection for grade 4, which withstand hurricane damage of lesser intensity.
    22. Windows with acoustic and thermal insulation through the use of double glazing, to attenuate noise and minimize the consumption of air conditioning.
    23. Sound insulation membrane in floors.
    24. Opening of the door to the apartment with programmable wristbands.
    25. Children's pool and sky pools with water heated with solar panels.
    26. Production of electrical energy with solar panels and wind aerogenerators.
  1. Apartment prototypes in MAYAKAAN?

The 300 departments are located in six independent apartment towers, with 50 departments per tower.

In the four levels of these buildings (ground floor and three additional levels) they generally have 2 bedroom apartments, although there are also 1 and 3 bedroom apartments. Depending on the level, they have terraces with jacuzzi or swim-up pools. In addition, the upper level apartments have solariums in the roof garden.

We have 4 models or prototypes of departments with surfaces from 800 ft2 to 2,600 ft2.

  1. What about the interior finishes of the apartments?

The apartments have an avant-garde design by the interior architect Pedro Romero of the Mexican firm Macro, in which the use of materials from different regions of the Mexican Republic has been incorporated, such as:

    1. Access to the apartment illuminated with onyx creating a window os illuminated indirect light, coming from Zacatecas.
    2. Tzalam wooden cabinets and beds from Quintana Roo.
    3. Concrete mosaic at the kitchen from Hidalgo.
    4. Interior walls on jute paper coming from Veracruz.
    5. Walls of the showers with handcrafted mosaic of Chapala, Jalisco.
    6. Base for bathroom sinks made of basalt stone from the State of Mexico.
    7. Acapulco-style chairsat the terrace from Guerrero.
    8. Bathroom floors in travertine marble from Puebla.
    9. Handcrafted black mud hanging lamps on bed headboards coming from Coyotepec, Oaxaca.
    10. Rustic pendant lamp with wicker base from Tequisquiapan, Querétaro.
    11. Cushions on beds and sofas, and wall tapestries with Chiapas textiles.
  1. What additional equipment have the apartments with penthouses?

Each penthouse has a roof garden for exclusive use of its owner with jacuzzi, grills, lounge chairs, and views overlooking either the jungle and the sea or the gardens of the resort.

  1. What equipment does the condominium roof gardens of each apartment tower have?

In each apartment building there will be a roof garden for condominium use with an infinity pool overlooking the jungle and the sea, as well as lounge chairs and a barbecue area.

  1. Parking areas? What measures will they have?

In the complex there will be 166 parking spaces, within the area of common use of the condominium regime, under the shade and freshness of the forest trees, and a valet-parking service to deliver your vehicle to the entrance of the resort.

All the drawers are large for parking even vans, with dimensions of 8.2 ft by 16.4 ft.

  1. Do you have Pet Friendly areas?

Yes, we have trained personnel for the care of pets inside our "Dog park" and walks through the jungle, being restricted access to the rest of the resort pets.

  1. Does the resort have transportation?

We have internal transportation to the beach club offering an unforgettable experience crossing the jungle and the mangrove.

Apartment owners will have transportation from the resort to the airport with electric vehicles and will have discounts on contracting the transportation package from the Cancun airport to the resort.

  1. How will Mayakaan work at the hotel level?

Mayakaan has 300 apartments or condominiums, generally with two bedrooms each, which are converted to an operating level in 600 hotel rooms or suites, of the order of half with 538.2 ft2 interior plus terrace and the other half with 322.9 ft2 plus terrace.

Due to its large dimensions, it is proposed in principle that it be an “all-inclusive” holiday resort, in which its guests hire a package that includes accommodation with shows inside the resort, as well as drinks and food.

  1. ¿What hotel Brand will have Mayakaan Resort, Riviera Maya?

This real estate development is truly unique as it is backed by Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, the largest hotel company in the world, with more than nine thousand hotels, and which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Wyndham Grand is its most distinctive brand and through the granting of a great hotel brand recognized worldwide, Mayakaan Residences Riviera Maya has the commercial guarantee that the project will have a high hotel occupancy and attractive rates to guarantee high profitability.

Mayakaan Resort Maya offers its owners a hassle-free turnkey hotel management program.

  1. As an owner, how long will I be able to use my residence for my vacation periods?

It is possible to live permanently after the lease ends.

During the initial six-year period of the hotel operation contract, it can be used for several months without covering maintenance costs, although subject to the policies of the owner's income pool.

  1. As an owner, can I use my apartment as a permanent residence?

It is possible to live permanently once the lease contract ends. However, our business model is really based on holiday enjoyment and obtaining profitability towards our owners.

  1. As the owner, how do you guarantee that my department and its hotel program will have long-term continuity and profitability?

Within the regime in condominium of the resort it is established that no owner can rent his apartment for less than 12 months. Consequently, individual exploitation will not be allowed through AIRBNB-type platforms that may cause negative references of the complex and that may in turn make internal price competition to the Mayakaan hotel operator, which looks after the interests of the owners as a whole.

  1. What is the size of the pools?

Within the holiday complexes we have the largest pools of all the resorts in the Riviera Maya, with a total area of pools of the order of 86,111.28 ft2 (the surface equivalent of eight Olympic pools).

The central pools cover the whole complex with a total length of the order of 492.12 ft in length and approximately 32,291.73 ft2, and an intermediate waterfall with a waterfall 9.84 ft high and with variable depths of up to 4.9 ft. Along this large pool there are wet lounge chairs (inside the pools), swim bars (bars at the edge of the pool), a waterfall bar under the waterfall and there is also a children's pool.

The swim-up pools around the tourist apartment buildings have an additional 53,819.55 ft2.

  1. What is the size of the sky pools located on the roof of each apartment tower (Rooftop)?

Most of the residential buildings will have a roof garden that will have a 43 m2 infinity pool (12.8 m long by 3.4 m wide) with a depth of 1.3 m. We also have 2 swimming pools above the sky bar on the roof of the reception building with dimensions of 62 and 40 m2 each.

  1. Is there a children's pool?

In Mayakaan the fun of the little ones is the priority, so we have a children's pool of 9,149.32 ft2 and 154.2ft in length, with a waterpark with slides and a shallow depth to ensure their safety.

  1. How will restaurants and bars work?

The restaurants and bars will be operated directly by the resort's hotel operator, as part of the all-inclusive package for resort guests.

The resort will have several stores, including a mini-supermarket in which to do the shopping and thus be able to cook in your residence.

  1. What kind of services at no additional cost are included for Mayakaan owners during their stay?

Internet, gym, yoga, hydromassage circuit of the spa with natural cenote, paddle tennis and tennis courts, shows in the amphitheater and event room, open-air cinema, chapel in the jungle and transport by train and golf carts to the beach club.

  1. Where is the wellness center and spa located?

The wellness center and spa, with an area of 11,840.3 ft2, is located inside the Dzonot tower, the second main building of amenities, and will have a hydromassage circuit with views towards the natural cenote.

In addition, it will have a beauty salon, sauna, steam room and 16 massage cabins to serve up to 160 people daily, as well as a nutritional area.

"A good massage transforms you to a deep state of relaxation, vitality and harmony in body and mind."

  1. How does the spa area work?

The spa will have independent services that will be hired separately by the guests.

Residence owners will have free access to the hydromassage circuit.


  1. With what measures in Mayakaan do we have a positive impact on the environment in the construction of an ecotourism development?
    1. Wastewater treatment plant.
    2. Reuse system of treated water for use in the garden irrigation system, cooling of air conditioning systems, and toilets of the reception building.
    3. Supply of purified water in each department through reverse osmosis.
    4. Separation at source of urban waste (organic and inorganic) for recycling.
    5. Production of electrical energy by means of photovoltaic solar panels located on the roofs of buildings and sculptural wind turbines located on the highway gardens, to reduce the consumption of electricity taken from the general grid.
    6. Solar hot water heaters located on the roofs of buildings for sky pools and water parks for children to reduce gas consumption.
    7. Efficient use of electrical energy by means of LED lighting and saving lamps.
    8. Parking boxes with chargers for electric cars.
    9. Waste management plan generated during construction.
    10. Management of hazardous waste generated, including even the oily waters that are produced by the vehicles in the parking lot.
    11. Plantation of at least 3 trees for each department.
    12. Rescue program for species of relevant flora prior to the start of the works, and reforestation plan with native flora with species such as Ceiba, Chaca and Cedar.
    13. Wildlife rescue and transfer program prior to construction.
    14. Safety and hygiene plan for workers during construction.
    15. Environmental management plan during construction and environmental impact awareness program.
  1. How does the air conditioning system work?

It is a centralized system of ice water by means of chillers with cooling towers cooled by water, which will be located at level -1 of the development and, therefore, will not generate noise to the outside.

The departments will have their own interior evaporators Fan & Coil type to give comfort to the room, which will be integrated in the panels and walls of the departments, therefore, without leaving visible elements of air conditioning like minisplit units as observed in numerous developments of the competition.

  1. Do apartment buildings have gas installation?

No, all apartment buildings will have electric type kitchens for safety and to prevent leaks or accidents. We will only have gas for use in the industrial kitchens of restaurants and for hot water production boilers, which are at level -1 of the development.

Do not miss our culinary days with our chefs where you can cook in our large ovens and stoves.

  1. Is security included in development?

Yes, you will have 24-hour security for 7 days by closed circuit cameras, which will be connected to a security switchboard. In addition, there will be security personnel at the main entrances of the development.


  1. When was the Environmental Impact Resolution of the project obtained?

As of May 15, 2019, an Environmental Impact Resolution (RIA) is approved with an official notice SEMA/DS/0641/2018 by the Secretary of Environment of the State of Quintana Roo, which allows the Urban Development of the first four buildings of the project application of the Local Ecological Management Program (POEL) of the Municipality of Benito Juárez, 2014.